Evany Mesina


Fighter Profile

Name: Evany Mesina
Ring Name: Mesina
Gym: Fight Solutions HQ
Coach: Gerson Schilipacke
City: Long Beach
Weight: 115
Muay Thai Record: 1-1
Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Record: 10-13

Q & A Interview

Q: How did you become involved with Fight Solutions HQ?

A: My neighbors introduced me to Fight Solutions HQ and ever since I have been training there.

Q: How long have you been training Muay Thai, BJJ, or MMA, and what age were you when you had your first fight?

A: I have been training for almost 5 years now, had my first Muay Thai fight at the age of 13 and my first BJJ competition at the age of 10.


Q: How would you describe your style of fighting?

A: Technical and aggressive.

Q: What win has meant the most to you?

A: My first 2019 jiujitsu competition, it had been two years of not competing and I was able to take gold.


Q: Have you had success in open tournaments? Or do you prefer single matches?

A: I prefer single matches.

Q: What was the hardest fight you’ve ever had?

A: It was one of my jiujitsu competitions, I was injured and I wasn’t 100% and I took second place. I didn’t get to bring gold home that day but I was very happy with my performance that day.

Q: Who hits the hardest out of everybody you have ever fought?

A: My Male teammates, they don’t treat me any different because I’m a 14 yr old girl. They actually push me even more so that I can get better.

Q: What is the biggest adversity you’ve had to overcome to win a fight?

A: When I get injured and still have to give it 100% to get that win.

Q: Who would you say are the highest level opponents you hold wins over?

A: My last Muay Thai opponent, she is a more experience opponent than me and I was able to take that win.

Q: If you could fight anybody at or around your weight, who would it be and why?

A: It would be one of the girls that I have fought twice in two different jiujitsu tournament. Right now we are 1 and 1. I want that 3rd fight to break that tie record.


Q: Have you ever trained or fought out of any other gyms previously?

A: No

Q: What drives or inspires you to continue to train and fight?

A: My Mom, Dad and Myself so one day I could be recognize as a great fighter and hopefully own my own gym someday.


Q: If you have fight experience in Muay Thai, K1, and MMA, which do you prefer and why?

A: I have only had experience in Muay Thai.

Q: Do you have any other interests or hobbies that you would commit more time to If you didn’t dedicate so much time to fighting and training?

A: Yes, I have a tournament on April 30th in Arizona, Ca for USMTO. Hopefully in the future I would be a well known Champion fighter.

Q: Do you currently have any fights lined up? and what are your plans for the future?

A: Yes, I have a tournament on April 30th in Arizona, Ca for USMTO. Hopefully in the future I would be a well known Champion fighter.

Q: Any special thank you, sponsors, family…..

A: I don’t have a sponsor at the moment.

First I would like to thank God for always protecting us when we step in the ring/mat, without him nothing would be possible. Second my parents for always supporting me in anything I do and always being by my side. Also my friends and family that goes to my fights and show their support.


As well as my Head Coach Gerson Schilipacke for coaching me and training me all this years and pushing me to my limits. My strength and conditioning trainer Natasha Creger of T-Fit for working with me to get my weak areas stronger. My BJJ coaches and teammates for pushing me and being there for me as well. Without any of you my dreams of being a fighter in Muay Thai/BJJ wouldn’t be possible. Thank you!