Fabian Hernandez


Fighter Profile

Name: Fabian Hernandez
Ring Name: El Gallo Matador
Gym: Fight Solution Redondo Beach
Coach: Gerson Schilipacke
City: Redondo Beach CA
Weight: 127-132lbs
Muay Thai Record: 2-0
MMA Record: 0-0

Q & A Interview

Q: How did you become involved with Fight Solution HQ?

A: I use to train out of hard body MMA, when our gym in Gardena closed down I stopped training for a year, did other sports but wasn’t the same In my heart and mind I would tell myself I have to train and go back to what I love doing the most which was fighting so I looked and looked tried many gyms didn’t feel the vibe as I do in Fight Solutions since the very first day I tried my first class.

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Q: How long have you been training Muaythai, BJJ, or MMA, and what age were you when you had your first fight?

A: Muay Thai I have only been training for almost 2 years now. Bjj I started doing it in my old gym when I was in 8th grade then things went ruff and had stopped, and now I’m back at it. MMA I’ve been training for actually 2 years as well as Muaythai. I had my first Muay Thai fight when I was 18 mma I haven’t had my first fight yet but I’m looking forward to it!

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Q: How would you describe your style of fighting?

A: As the predator that’s ready to eat!

Q: What win has meant the most to you?

A- All of my fights mean the most to me I don’t have one in specific because In every fight I go threw every fight that I fought it shows me what I’m capable of doing and it’s destroying!

Q: Have you had success in open tournaments? Or do you prefer single matches?

A: To me personally I have no type, I will fight whatever comes to me don’t matter if it’s tournaments or single matches!

Q: What was the hardest fight you’ve ever had?

A: The hardest fight I ever had is against myself! Because no one beats you as much as your own!

Q: Who hits the hardest out of everybody you have ever fought?

A: During the fights I don’t feel nothing and that’s my mentality it don’t hurt! So I can’t answer that question.

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Q: What is the biggest adversity you’ve had to overcome to win a fight?

A: The biggest adversity I had to overcome is my own mind with all the problems I face the day by day out of training. To be able to stay focus and win the fight!

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Q: Who would you say are the highest level opponents you hold wins over?

A: I don’t take it as a winning but as learning if I’m better than the other cat I’m a work more on my weakness rather than just to run him over and make him look bad. It’s all a learning and helping process.

Q: If you could fight anybody at or around your weight, who would it be and why?

A: I fight whatever comes to me or stands in my way!

Q: Have you ever trained or fought out of any other gyms previously?

A: I trained at hard body mma and with my uncle in his house.

Q: What drives or inspires you to continue to train and fight?

A: My momma and the gutter that I was born in but won’t die in!

Q: Do you have any other interests or hobbies that you would commit more time to if you didn’t dedicate so much time to fighting and training?

A: Soccer I grew up playing soccer as a matter of fact I played and was in top 5 most best soccer playes for chivas USA club! I love soccer as much as I love fighting! But as u know I dropped the ball and picked up the gloves!

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Q: Do you now or have you ever trained in any other martial arts or fight sports?

A: Still to this day I train martial arts and to me martial arts is a art it’s a way to express yourself! It can be threw kick or a punch a knee or even an elbow.

Q: Do you currently have any fights lined up? And what are your plans for the future

A: I had a fight on March 30 but due to my car accident I had to back out but I’m registered for April 25-28 at USMTO. And for any other fight that comes in my way! And to be the best I can be!!

Q: Any special thank you, sponsors, family…..

A: I would just like to give a special thanks to my gym Fight Solutions Redondo Beach because it’s not just a gym but it’s family it’s that respect you earn in each other and help each other develop and grow but not just as a fighter but as a person as well!
I would also like to give a thanks to all my teammates since day one always pushed me and still to this day keeps pushing me!

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To my family as well even tho they don’t love it but hate it cause they wouldn’t want to se see me get hurt but they are always by my side cheering me on!!

And a special thanks to my homie he’s not just a homie but he’s my brother Chris Jimenez because Ma boy always been my day one homie always kept me on track with my game someone I can count on and because he’s showed loyalty and a lot of support ever since I told him I wanted to be a fighter as my career! Another homie as well I would like to give a special thanks is to my homie he is also like a brother to me Mike Pierda we been training together since we were kids. If it wasn’t cause of him I don’t even think I would of been training more after our gym got closed down in Gardena. He always provided me with accessories I needed to keep training when I didn’t have any! Also if it wasn’t for him I don’t think I would of never found out of Fight Solutions he’s the one that brought me in and had me try my first class! Thank you man!
Also to Donavin aka Dj, Anthony aka Frog, and Chuck these cats really helped me grow and still do to this day!

Can’t forget my Head Coach Gerson Schilipacke when I say he knows how to get me mad and keeps me pushing oh he knows exactly what to say! But if it wasn’t for him Nd his knowledge I don’t know how far I would of made it coach Gerson not only isn’t a coach but he is also my mentor not only for the fight game but also for life! He looks out for us and does so much more than no other coach would do for a student!

Coach shows love to each student and makes them the best they can be! Yea we joke around here and there but when it comes down to business he don’t play and I always take the words he told me “you come from the gutter you know how tuff it is! In the ring u have no friends it’s either you or that f*****!”

Coach is loyal to everyone and he not only helps u as a coach but as a homie as well! Another special thanks to my pops even tho he not with me no more I know he is proud of what I’m becoming!

Lastly to my jefa my mom! Everything I do is for her; every bone I brake every Injury I go threw every fight I had every training I have my mom is always there! Yes she may not like what I do but deep down inside i know she supports me! I love her and she is my reason why I do what I do!